About Us

It is said that we should travel as much as we can, as far as we can, and as long as we can! Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Khushvi Travels can help you with that. We can give almost every detail you will need to escape and get lost in your dreamland. Enjoy new experiences, indulge in relaxation with your friends and family, and leave all your stress behind with us.

Our Services

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Bus Booking
  • Train Booking
  • Tour Booking

Khushvi Travels provides professional services with personal touch. Once you are with us, you will never feel directionless or lost, as we are always there to support you and guide you. We are committed to creating a protective environment. Here you can get all the needed information regarding before – on – after holidays.

  • Destination Info. And Budget
  • Ticket Arrangements
  • Travel Insurance
  • Help and Customer Support
  • Holiday Health Claims
  • Health conditions and Illness
  • Travel Do’s and Don’ts
  • Easy and Safe Travel Tips
  • Special Assistance

Our Mission

Our mission is to believe and achieve all our goals of delivering the best services and facilities to customers. We want to give you some amazing experiences of life which can make you feel fulfilled with unforgettable memories. We are trustworthy and soon be the top leading service provider for various tours, visa, and passport services. Even if you are not comfortable with online transactions in this fully electronic world, we are here for help. Find some best deals at cheaper rates, and some best trips with minimum efforts by associating with us.

24*7 Support

Even if you are staying in India, USA, Japan or anywhere else, you can stay connected with us. We always stay eager to keep in touch with you all the time to give you live chat support whenever you need.

Reasonable Rates

We focus on providing the best price possible for any tours. You can get different discounts on ticket/hotel bookings and also beneficial to various offers related to visa and passport fees.

Happy Customers

We promise you to help with any online or offline transactions, holiday claims, insurance, health conditions and illness, etc. We believe that a satisfied customer is a key to keep business on the go and so we always try to give more than 100%.